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How did this program start? 


This all inclusive Ally Safe Zone Program: Safe Zone For All was adapted from similar programs at Indiana and Purdue University’s (below).




The very first GLBT safe zone programs are believed to be started by AT&T Lotus Development, Disney, and Levi Strauss. 



There are a few other programs similar to Safe Zone For All.   


Many different schools and organizations call similar programs to Safe Zone For All by other names (i.e., Safe Zone, Safe Space, Safe Place, Respect, etc.). 


Safe Zone For All has kept the traditional "Safe Zone" term. Terminology here is not very relevant or important, as long as the program is well structured, organized, assessed, and or evaluated.


The Ally Group: ( specializes in this area and would be happy to help your college, university, group, and or organization organize this type of program. Please contact us at: [email protected]