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 Why not just have individual Safe Zone Programs for each human characteristic, condition, or circumstance?


 There are obviously too many individual diverse human characteristics, conditions, and circumstances to do this.  How many individual safe zone stickers would you need to do this?  And would someone have to stand by your door or office and figure out which human characteristics, conditions, and circumstances you are safe for?  You should be safe for all not just one or a few!




               Culinary                           Religious/Spiritual                 Dis-ability        Gender




Many colleges and universities still only have safe zone programs for GLBT.  This “all-inclusive” idea has received much praise at many local, regional, and national professional conferences and by student affairs professionals.  This program has been presented at the 2000 NEACUHO Drive-In conference at Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, MA, The 2001 ACPA Conference in Boston, MA, the 2001 ACUHO-I Conference in Kansas City, MO at a Professional Development Series at Stony Brook University, and at the 2002 NASPA Conference in Boston, MA.  We plan on presenting this program as a 1/2 day pre-conference workshop at the 2003 ACPA and NASPA Conferences.  This program has also been presented at student RA and leadership conferences.  The following individuals are helping with this program and have presented it at para-professional and professional conferences:

Hannah Buch, Nancy DeStefano, Lisa Gattis, Jeri Leigh-Henry, Jason Neely, Brian C. Steinberg, R. Derrick Thomas, Oscar Donoso, Darian Bassim, and Lisa Spiterali.

Darian Bassim, Nancy DeStefano, and Brian C. Steinberg have been observing that when we have presented this all inclusive ally safe zone idea at major conferences that white gay men seem to have the most criticism of it.  With consulting with Dr. Patrick Love at NASPA in 2002 at Boston, MA., we came to the conclusion that many white gay men might be using the exclusive GLBTA ally safe zone idea to protect them against sexual orientation issues but at the same time might allow them to use their white privledge.  This is something that Darian Bassim may use as her PhD. Dissortation topic.